Electronic  Instrument of Appointment

Appointing a Purchasers Strata Inspections Inspector to act as 

Returning Officer for your Secret Ballot  


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This Instrument will be executed by the Body Corporate upon the Authorised Person submitting the Instrument to PSI by means of the “Submit” button below, whereupon this Instrument shall constitute an offer to PSI which shall be accepted at the time an e-mail from PSI to the Authorised Person advising its acceptance is received into the mailbox of the Authorised Person; the contract being formed upon such acceptance.

The Authorised Person, on behalf of the Body Corporate, accepts the terms and conditions of this Instrument, including these electronic execution terms. The parties will, upon receipt of its e-mail of acceptance by the Authorised Person, be bound by such terms and conditions, including these electronic execution terms.



Strata Manager/Secretary Details

Strata Manager Company Name:

Strata Manager Contact Name:

Strata Manager Address:

Strata Manager Suburb:

Strata Manager Phone:

Strata Manager Fax:

Strata Manager Email Address:

Strata Manager Mobile:

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Body Corporate Details

Building Name:

Building Address:

Building Suburb:

Building CTS Number:


Exact details where the meeting will be held

Meeting Exact Street Address:

Meeting Room/Floor/Location:

Meeting Suburb:


Meeting Date:

Meeting Time:

Emergency Contact Name:

Emergency Contact Mobile:



Attached is a copy of the Motion(s) 

We will email a copy of the Motion(s) **

Attached is a copy of the Agenda

We will email you a copy of the Agenda **

** Email documents to psi@strata.com.au

Do you have a preferred Returning Officer?   We will confirm your choice of returning officer very quickly

   Name of preferred RO   




PSI have been operating in Queensland for more than 19 years. We set the standard by being the first Company in Australia to inspect books and records in 1976 under the guidance of Gary Bugden.  During this time we have proven ourselves to be a professional, totally independent and a reliable and trustworthy organisation.


PSI have professionally trained and experienced staff who you know and who live in your local area however, more importantly, PSI's staff match the criteria set down in the Body Corporate and Community Management (Accommodation  &  Standard  Modules)  Regulation(s)  and  can  be  available  when  returning  officer  duties  are required.


OUR FEES (all fees inc GST)

To attend a meeting which commences any time before 4.00 p.m. and finishes before 5.00 p.m. is $140.00 for the first hour and $70.00 per half-hour or part thereof.  After hours weeknights (after 4.00 p.m. or any meeting continues after 5.00 p.m. ) is $180.00 and $90.00 per half-hour or part thereof. For a meeting on Saturday, Sunday or any public holiday our fee is $225.00 for the first hour and $112.50 per half-hour or part thereof.


Travel costs and parking where applicable include the cost of parking fees incurred at the meeting point.  If the service is conducted remotely from the body corporate managers office, an additional $1.54 per km (measured one way from the strata managers office to the meeting point) plus the cost of any road tolls incurred. Off site preparation work should be expected for larger complexes this is billed at $110.00 per hour or $55.00 per additional half hour or part there off.


Any postage at cost after agreement with the Strata Manager.


As always PSI services will be properly invoiced to the strata plan. PSI will provide a brief record of the service and a declaration of our independence the next business day. A 30 day account will be forwarded with our declaration


I have read and agree to the above terms