Purchasers Strata Inspections Terms and Conditions  




1           OUR  FEEs FOR SERVICE

PSI fee for services is available online.   Download a NSW Fee schedule Here or a Queensland Fee Schedule Here


Generally additional costs can be quoted if you call us prior to the inspection commencing.  This does not include the cost of copies.   

a)  Copies

We are unable to quote for the cost of copies as we never know how many we are going need to get.  Some buildings are simple and don't have a lot of administration therefore they don't have too many copies, however other buildings especially the larger ones have more complex matters and we must take copies of this information to ensure you are aware of the matters that may have a financial impact or may affect your enjoyment if you proceed with your purchase. 

Copies we take from the records often refer to legal action matters, maintenance and repair schedules, quotes for works, correspondence of a nature that a prospective owner should know and other matters found in records about noise, security, road street issues, local residential developments, Police matters, and harmony or relationship matters between owners.   

All other fees as below can be quoted and can be made known to you prior to your inspection commencing.  This will give you an opportunity to cancel the report without charge before we begin the inspection.  

b)  Parking Costs

Parking cost where the inspection is conducted in CBD or high demand areas.  Fees as charged by parking stations for the time of your inspection.

c)  Additional Inspection Time

Additional Inspection time due to the Strata Managers poorly compiled records or records stored on computer systems where naming conventions or slow equipment results in additional inspection fees

Additional time where the number of Lots exceed 25 and the record volume is not possible to inspect in a set time period

d)  Additional Trip (Split Search)

Split searches occur when records are being audited.  This results in the records being held at 2 locations.  We must visit both location to conduct a search

e)  Special instructions 

PSI will always set out to keep our prices to the fixed cost amount but due to very low margins must recover additional costs. 


a)  E-mailing Reports

PSI e-mails 2 links to our Clients.  The links are safe to open as the files are held on our server.  PSI will send a copy of your report to an additional e-mail address provided this address is made known to us when the order is placed. 

If an e-mail delivery failure comes to PSI attention we will firstly retry to send the email. If a second failure comes to our attention we will contact the client and redirect the report to another e-mail address or resend the report to enable you to receive your report.  There is no charge for this service.  It is the client's responsibility to alert PSI if any report is not delivered in a reasonable time frame.  

PSI cannot be responsible if the client provides an incorrect e-mail address,  the clients e-mail program junks the email or the email provider bounces the email.  These are out of the control of PSI.    

b)  Mailing & Faxing Reports 

PSI operates a paperless office environment as a result we do not print your report in hard copy.  Reports which need to be sent by mail will attract an additional administration rate per page plus postage and handling.  Reports which need to be sent by fax will attract an additional administration rate per page to cover charges and any STD costs.  Fees will need to be settled prior to the report being sent.


PSI will endeavour to produce reports within 24 hours of having had access to the records.  An urgent report can be ordered at the time when the order is placed.  It is possible to have an urgent report completed within 2 hours after the search has commenced.  Additional fees are payable for this service


In some circumstances a cancelled search will attract fees depending when the search is cancelled.  PSI begins to allocate administration effort after an order is received.  As the process continues PSI invests additional resources and costs.  We have varied our cancellation costs to both be fair to PSI clients as well as PSI.  Cancellation of reports can only be done during business hours and will only be accepted by telephone so cancellation activity can commence as soon as notice is received.  PSI Fees for cancellation and other services can be found on our fee schedule links above.


It is PSI responsibility to make contact with the Strata Manager or the Secretary and arrange an inspection of the books and records.  PSI will use its best endeavours to ensure that the records are available for inspection at the agreed time of inspection. Upon arrival at the inspection PSI will inspect the books and records presented.  During the inspection if PSI identifies that some books and or records are missing, we will note this in our report, however missing records is not the responsibility of PSI nor can it be responsible for any costs related to a return visit if required.


In some cases privately managed and smaller strata managers do not have photocopy facilities.  Information can at times be given to our inspector verbally.  Due to the very nature of problems associated with verbal information and our inspectors inability to confirm such information, no responsibility can be accepted by PSI for information provided verbally to us by any secretary or managing agent of the owners corporation or for any failure on the part of the secretary or managing agent to make all of the books and records available.

8           PAYMENT METHOD

In order to keep costs down and to pass savings to PSI clients, payments can only be made by Credit card for non Company accounts.  We accept Visa and Mastercard.  There is an additional fee charged by the Credit card financial institutions for the use of a Credit card.  This fee is 1.9% of the total of your report, about $2.90 for a standard report.  To avoid this fee we are can to accept payment by direct transfer, however we will delay the delivery of your report until we can confirm payment.  

A Company acting for a client will be given access to our account system.  An invoice received must be paid in full within the following 7 days.


PSI will never use your details for any other purpose other than for the report you have ordered.  PSI will never sell, give access to, or transfer details to any party for any reason other than meeting obligations under the law.  It is not PSI business to make money or gain advantage from passing private information to third parties

10           PSI REPORT

PSI reports will include the following information in our reports:

  • the strata roll,
  • insurance details,
  • balance of sinking fund
  • balance of administration fund
  • levy contributions
  • correspondence where matters relate to, or are of interest to the subject lot.
  • we will take copies of any matters related to the building and focus particularly on matters related to the specific lot

 As the strata search industry in not regulated by any body or organisation there is a wide variety of reports offered to potential buyers from this industry.  The variation in quality and report contents spans from the bottom where a report will only detail balances and strata roll details through to extensive and highly detailed expensive reports which offer far too much detail, are difficult to understand and can often run into 70 plus pages.   It is strongly recommended that a potential client makes themselves familiar with a PSI report to ensure it meets the need prior, to entering into an agreement with PSI.


Attachments to a PSI report will not be read or comprehended by the staff at PSI.  It will be the responsibility of PSI client to extract important information and identify and assess any problems associated with the strata scheme.


It is a condition of sale that clients make themselves familiar with PSI Report before agreeing to the Conditions of Sale.  More report detail can be found by viewing and or printing a PSI sample report at here  follow the link and put your mouse over the report.  A pop up will appear with a brief description as well as the option to order that report or see a sample.  

13        ADVICE

PSI always recommends that a purchaser should get a Strata Search (even if it not a PSI report) before buying into a strata scheme as building inspection will never replace an inspection which is carried out on the books and records.

14        GENERAL

PSI report will be a fair and reasonable overview of the affairs of the owner's corporation as at the date of the inspection on the basis of the books, records and information made available.

Documents attached to a PSI report may disclose building defects, proposed works, legal disputes, current and proposed levies and special levies, attitude to keeping of animals, By-law changes and harmony within the complex.  It is the responsibility of PSI's client to determine how this may affect the purchase.


PSI will have no liability to the client in relation to any loss, damage or expense caused by PSI failure to complete the order or to deliver the report as a result of poor or limited access to records, sanitised records, records not presented to the inspector in full, fire, storm, flood, tempest, earthquake, riot, civil disturbance, theft, crime, strike, lockout, accident, breakdown, war, the inability of PSI Strata Searches suppliers to supply necessary materials, any other act or omission of a third person, or any other matter beyond PSI's reasonable control.