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Why use PSI? In 1976 Purchasers Strata Inspections Pty Ltd (PSI) was registered in NSW.  We started the strata inspection industry in Australia, we set the standard then and we continue to do this today. Purchasers Strata Inspections continued to grow, opening offices in Queensland in 1994.  We have carried out more strata inspections in Australia than all of our competitors put together.  We have specially designed application software that allows our inspectors to access the history of the building and compare it to the strata manager's file.  No one else has software that alerts their record inspectors to problems and unsolved issues. That means we don't miss important matters. Our prices are competitive and our reports contain everything you need to know to make a well informed decision about this, the single most expensive and important purchase you are likely to have made. Our reports are the most comprehensive available and we cover more detail in our reports than any other provider in the industry and we still charge around the same cost overall. At PSI we only use PSI trained and certified inspectors for your report.  You get the best report in the business, a PSI report, a properly prepared, in depth, well researched report prepared by a strata inspector professional. No other strata inspection company has formal classroom training.  PSI continues this training with extensive and supervised on the job training and continuing development for all our inspectors.  We draw our inspectors from professionals who often have qualifications in law, strata, finance or property. PSI is often asked to undertake inspections for competitors as they find some inspections too hard or too time consuming.  If you order a report from Purchasers Strata Inspections we guarantee that we will do that report and we also guarantee to have inspected the books and records the day before you receive our report.  Sometimes competitors buy the last report done on a property from us. It may be three months old or even a year old, they update the financial figures and sell the report to you at a premium price with their name on it. We carry professional indemnity insurance for your peace of mind.  Many other companies, even some of the so called professional ones, don't bother with insurance.  So if there is a problem you don't get help, you get a company running for cover. We work from an office and this office has full time staff.  You won't get a recorded message or be forced to deal with a call centre or a junior who knows nothing about the strata inspection business. Our office is open and manned every business day between 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. It is usual to find someone answering a phone outside of these hours.  Added to this we are advised and supported by the most prominent strata expert in the country, (Gary Bugden OAM) who is often called the "father of strata". If buying a strata apartment, a report is essential, to be certain you are not getting less than you expect
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