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Strata Manager Shot At PSI we frequently inspect strata plans in both Queensland and New South Wales where the owners and or the tenants fail to form a working harmonious strata community.   This results in an unhappy place to live and sometimes difficulties between resident and strata managers can escalate beyond belief. Our report covers and reports the State Of Harmony for the building and we will let you know if the property is a nice place to live or one to avoid.     A Strata Manager attended a meeting in Western Sydney in April 2014.  There had been some history of some difficulty between the Strata Manager and an owner who was 85 years old.  The difficulties were about cleaning and gardening and over a period of time the relationship had deteriorated.    The Annual General Meeting was set and all residents were invited to attend.  When the strata manager arrived at the meeting the 85 year old owner was dressed in a tuxedo and was sitting in the Chairperson’s seat. He had apparently decided that he was going to Chair the meeting.  After some discussion the 85 year old left the meeting.  However, when he returned he brought a loaded, antique pistol with him.    Without warning he shot the Strata Manager through the neck.    Both ended up in hospital. The 85 year old was arrested and charged with attempted murder.  Both made full recoveries. This is the first known recorded instance of “strata behaving badly” where a gun has been used at a meeting.  There are however, plenty of examples where intimidation, stand-over tactics, failure to co-operate and even vandalism are reported in our reports.  There are properties in New South Wales and Queensland where the owners must pass through metal detectors before being allowed to attend a meeting.  There are also other buildings where owners hire their own security to protect them from other owners.   About 10% of strata plans are unhappy.  They don’t shoot each other, but it simply becomes uncomfortable to live there.   These actions reduce the value of the property.   If the property is unpleasant for an owner it is likely that an investor will also have problems retaining tenants  If buying a strata apartment a report is essential to be certain you are not getting less than you expect .
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