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Be an informed buyer Don’t think you need a report? - When you get a PSI report we detail all the important information into an easy to read document, helping you to make an informed decision before you buy. Here are just a few things in a PSI report:  - The financial status of the building  - The state of repair, maintenance standard              and expected future costs over 10 years.  - Details of expected special levies or loans   - Details of any water leaks
What We do Purchasers Strata Inspections Pty Ltd (PSI) carry out strata inspections sometimes called strata reports, in many locations across Eastern Australia.                We are the most experienced We provide the most comprehensive strata title inspection report in the industry.  Purchasers Strata Inspections Pty Ltd started the strata inspection report industry in Australia in 1976 and we have carried out over 240,000 strata searches during that time, far more than any other strata title search company anywhere in Australia -
 Avoiding a purchase disaster Real findings in our reports: Sydney apartment  - on the market for $900K at the same time the local Council is debating a demolition order. This was quite a surprise to the buyer. Imagine you have just bought a strata apartment. After you own the property you find out why it was for sale  - you can’t live there, - you can’t rent it - you can’t sell it 
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