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Just a few of our “Notable” reports At PSI we do several thousand reports each year... sometimes we get some interesting outcomes. Click on the TABS above to read real strata stories  At PSI we see the very best of strata where owners work together to improve, maintain and enhance their homes as well as the building.  This keeps costs down and adds value when you sell.  When PSI does your inspection we can easily conclude from the records that the building is a nice and happy place to live and it the building and amenities are well maintained.  We also see the very worst of strata living.  Poor buildings which will cost more to repair than a knock down and rebuild. Newer buildings with defects where the builder has gone bankrupt and now the insurer is arguing that only half of the defects are to be funded leaving owners to fund hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix the problems. We see residents and owners who can no longer live peacefully with each other and we see AVO’s taken out against other owners, legal action against the committee, the strata manager and evidence of threatening behaviour between neighbours. When a PSI professional undertakes an inspection it is clear from the strata records that the subject building is in trouble. Defects may be a problem.  Maintenance may be costing too much or the building has a few owners who cause problems making it difficult to live there and even hard to keep a tenant Click here to see a summary of what is included in a PSI report   If buying a strata apartment a report is essential to be certain you are not getting less than you expect .
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